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>> who is so and so? >> i am 45 years old. i am 45 years young. i have to ban that. >> i am 37 years factor. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have obtained 12 different versions of those talking points that shows that they were dramatically edited by the administration. >> abc news now reporting that the white house tried to hide the facts about benghazi. in fact, cia information was altered. we will talk with the abc news reporter who broke the story. >> is the president claims that it was appropriate to keep that information away. >> the language of that email is pretty clear. that is not a stylistic -- that ♪ saying gel adjustment. that is a major, dramatic change. >> information. >> as the benghazi story heats up, the white house is under fire. we'll show you what happened in the press conference today. >> hey, john, john, it's
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chris. hey, john, john, it's chris. >> there is that guy again. >> governor chris christie mocking himself with famous people. gutfeld and mcguirk will try to explain what the heck is going on. >> are you kidding me? >> caution, you are about to enterth enterth s no spin z. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the benghazi story heats up. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if there is one guy you would not want to be today, it was white house spokesman jay carney. press grilling him over charges that the white house altered the initial cia reporting of the benghazi terror attack to down play the organized terrorism angle. playing up the spontaneous
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anti-american demonstration angle. carney denied any and all wrongdoing by the white house. >> on the substantive issues of what happened in benghazi and at that time what the intelligence community thought it knew, that was reflected in the talking points that were used again that weekend by ambassador rice and by others and members of congress. now when asked if the white house would release the email correspondents between it and the cia, carney said no. >> internal deliberations are generally protected. it's generally protected information that is not something that is regularly shared with congress. >> now, mr. carney gave long rambling answers to the questions. the white house did nothing wrong and susan rice did nothing wrong and the generated by republicans for political reasons. that's his story and as
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they say he is sticking to it abc news is reporting that there were 12 different versions of talking points on benghazi. and the final version put out to the public eliminated references to al qaeda and affiliate terrorist organizations. mr. carney said that the white house involvement in those revisions was very minor. plying the state department under hillary clinton was the primary editing force. the state says they didn't want to highlight al qaeda involvement because it might impede the investigation. a fairly incredible assertion. what jay carney attempted to do today was convince the world that there was initial confusion about who attacked the american ambassador and killed him and that the white house was acting responsibly in avoiding placing direct blame. the fact remains that ambassador rice did place blame for the attack on the anti-islamic video released in the u.s.a. that was her primary focus. so summing up, no admission
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of wrongdoing by the obama administration. charges that the benghazi controversy is politically motivated and no release of emails that might clarify the situation the white house saying some congress people have seen them and that's all that's necessary. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight. let's bring in abc news correspondent jonathan karl who is investigating the story. first of all, about jay carney today, i'm going to play a clip in a minute about your q and a with him. was his demeanor any different than it has been on a regular basis? >> you know, not really, bill. he is he a happy warrior. is he a loyalist. he defends the president in all this administration's policies consistently every day. and he was under fire today. these are the toughest questions i have seen him face maybe ever as white house press secretary. but generally he seemed to be playing the role of, you know, obama's defender. >> bill: okay. when i was watching the press conference he seemed to ramble and bloviate using up as much time as possible in answers that weren't getting us
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anywhere. i'm not saying that as a criticism. that's a strategy. ifings wondering whether you noticed that or not. >> there were long answers and i got into a little bit of a back and forth with him i was trying to interrupt so i could get some questions in. >> bill: let's show the viewers that roll the tape. >> you said the only changes made by the white house or the state indictment were stylistic in a single word. what we see here is that the state department raised objections about the references to ansar sharia. they raised objection to the fact that the cia had warned about terror threats benghazi prior to the attack. those subjects were taken out of the cia talking point at the direction of the white house based on -- >> -- no, first of all they weren't under the direction of the white house. only -- this process as everybody is an equal player in this process said, everybody's concerns have to be listened to and taken into account. >> all right.
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so, you didn't get anything. you got no admission. you and the other white house correspondence of any wrongdoing at all so they're basically saying, look, what we did was responsible, methodical. we took it easy. what is the big deal? it's the republicans who are driving. this and your response to that would be? >> well, look, there is a clear problem here what we heard from the white house in november. neither the white house nor the state department made anything beyond stylistic changes. they said there was a single word change. what we have now seen clearly is that there were dramatic changes to these talking points and that they were done after the state department had raised objections and the white house instructed that those objections be taken into account. >> bill: carney is not ceeding that. he is not going to give that you. >> no, what jay's point is
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narrow point throughout the process effectively the cia held the pen. the cia was the one implementing these changes. what we have seen is those changes were done after the state department raised these objections and wanted this stuff removed. you know, bill, there is another important point though that carney made kind of lost in all of this. all of these verses including the very first one written by the cia entirely made reference to spontaneous protests being the inspiration for what happened in benghazi. for cairo being the inspiration. that is obviously wrong. that was the cia that made that mistake. >> bill: they backed off it pretty quick i understand. the cia backed off that very, very fast. and rice didn't. i mean, they went out with the initial cia put it in and the cia backed off it, i think. correct me if i amcorrect me i. >> the cia did sign off at the end talking points given to susan rice.
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>> bill: did petraeus sign off on that. >> that's an interesting point. i have also obtained an email from pretty who was of course the cia director at the time. he was concerned that the things had been edited down to the point of uselessness. >> bill: i don't think petraeus signed off on that with all due within mr. karl. >> i have a direct quote iom petraeus' email would just as soon not use them. he didn't like these talking points. >> bill: that's right. you said february. that was september 15th. >> i'm sorry. >> bill: let's be clear. david petraeus the evidence the cia didn't sign off on this at all. >>. it was the white house and the state department working together who made these edits and mislead the world into thinking it could have been anti-islamic video put out by some nut in the u.s.a. here is the bottom line why need to find out who in the white house drove this whether it was the president or somebody else trying to protect him in a reelection campaign.
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that's the main story, is it not? >> well, i mean, that's certainly a question that to be asked here. from the email trail it's clear that the objections that we see being raised were being raised by the state departmentment's spokesperson. hillary clinton's spokesperson. these are the objections being made. and what the house said in the person of the deputy national security advisor was that everybody's concerns must be incorporated into writing this final version and then you have a version that basically says nothing. >> bill: it was a presidential campaign underway so i think that all of us, mr. karl, you, me and every responsible journalist in the country ctually puto find out hot in pen to paper. we know that the state department didn't want to be embarrassed. we know that. that's a fact. it goes over to the white house. now we have to find out who did it and why. i have got to run mr. carl, go ahead, last word. >> we know the actual pen to paper was mike morell
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the deputy cia director. petraeus did not object beyond these this one email saying these talking points were essentially useless. >> bill: next on the run down. geraldo will react to the benghazi situation. that should be interesting. how will the democrats handle this from then on. lou dobbs opposing immigration reform? he will t
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>> bill: strongs evidence the white house purposely mislead the world in the assassination of chris stevens in benghazi, libya. with us is fox news anchor geraldo rivera. when you are looking at this story, because you went through watergate, too, as did i. it's the same old story. why not say in the beginning it was a terror attack and we are trying to find out it was al qaeda. do you think americans would have cared one way or the other about it. >> well, it might have interrupted the president's narrative.
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remember, g.m. is alive. ben ladin is dead. >> bill: it's a minor, minor blip. but to send someone out like ambassador susan rice to blame it on a video which he clearly did and everybody saw it, knowing that your cia chief petraeus as we just heard wasn't comfortable with that, at all. that's just foley. that is stupid. >> it is never the crime. it is never the act itself. it is the coverup. >> bill: aren't you stunned how dumb that is? this deputy it for tactical election. they won the election. they succeeded as richard nixon succeeded in winning the election in 1972 by a landslide by dismissing the watergate investigation as minor and tangential. >> do you think this is as big as water gate. >> no, i don't. at watergate had you a burglary and crime at the heart of it. there is no crime at the heart of this. it is something deeply disturbing.
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there is clearly an effort. a transparent earth. you and i spent time with jay carney at the washington correspondent's dinner we chatted with him. a fine fellow. apropos. he for the first time seemed extremely uncomfortable. why in. >> bill: bloviating. >> spun it as something it was not. it is pretty clear now this was a tear attack that al qaeda was involved. if not a totally al quite. certainly they were the heart. they were the leadership. they were the ones that brought the heavy weapons that night and i object dead of saying that why? because it would interrupt their narrative they had the convenient and even intellectually they could grasp the demonstrations cairo and throughout the muslim world. >> bill: did you happen to see my interview last night with pat smith the mother of sean smith. >> not that particular one i have interviewed pat smith myself. >> bill: she told me and millions of viewers that both president obama and secretary of state clinton told her eye to eye, face to face, the video was
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responsible. >> and leon panetta as well and secretary of state hillary clinton. they told pat smith shelled get the people who did this and 8 months later they still have not. >> bill: how could you possibly do that if you were the president of the united states and you were seen with the cia answered he gets a briefing every morning from the cia. the president gets a direct briefing. how could you possibly do that when the cia is raising flags all over the place about al qaeda? >> because it is easy. because it is a fluid, easy, simple, mindless explanation. >> bill: it's not honest that. >> should solve everyone's anxiety. when did honesty and politics become hand in hand? >> bill: i assume that our presidents, barack obama, george w. bush, i assume think are honest. i don't care it's right to aassume they're dishonest. all right. let's get on to hillary clinton. >> their job is to be elected. this was in the heat of an election campaign. >> oh, manual, i know that's the reason it happened but it's so dumb. >> it also happened in the midst of hillary clinton's
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triumphant farewell tour, remember. she was wrapping um her tenure as secretary of state it was supposed to be great grand time. >> bill: even though he doesn't know he did it jay carney basically threw hillary clinton under the bus today. he did. if you look at what he said, if you read the transcript it wasn't us. it wasn't us. we had only a little bit to do with this, it was them, them, they wanted this out. that's what carney was saying, going forward, hillary clinton is going to have this around her neck for the rest of her political life. >> you asked me if this was as serious as watergate. watergate was a cancer on the presidency that me as it that sized and ultimately claimed the president. i don't believe this is a cancer on the presidency. i do believe this is a malignancy on the future candidacy of hillary clinton for precisely the reasons that you suggest. it was the state department that manipulated this to try to maintain her -- >> bill: the white house went along with it because
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it helped them. i think you are wrong about one thing. once those emails are put out and they are going to have to be, by the way. carney says he is not putting them out. they are going to have to put them out. if they show that the white house guy took the pen and wept like, this all right, you say this. then president obama is in big trouble. >> i don't believe the facts will go there but i do believe. >> bill: possible though. >> only way to save the obama administration from further humiliation is 8 months after the fact why don't we kill and capture who did this? why aren't they being held responsible? >> bill: put the emails out, geraldo, if we take down the prequel. remember the ultimately responsible of killing our folks. that i think will quiet. >> bill: it would not mull phi the republicans. >> have this to talk about for a long time. >> if they don't put the emails out. if they want put the fire out throw the emails out. let's see what the correspondence was back and forth. it's not classified geraldo
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rivera, everybody, watch him on saturday. lou dobbs on the new immigration bill, will he support it and, later, why do some people think judge judy is going to be appointed to the supreme court? >> what do you think about president obama's to appoint judge judy to the supreme court. >> well, it's controversial and, you know, he is granted that power as the president of the united states. >> bill: we'll explain that madness in just a few
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bill billing in the lou's the boss assessment tonight. new immigration bill in benghazi. senator rubio supporting the immigration bill. he submit some things will have to be changed if the republican party is to go along. the big question is will lou dobbs go along? here he is before we get to immigration i have got to ask you about. that was an amazing press
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conference today. >> it really was. >> in defense that jay carney gave no quarter. he didn't admit one thing. they didn't anything wrong. everything was done responsibly for the good of the nation. the white house press corps for the first time went after cancery and you say? >> i say that that is one of the dismag elements of the day. that the national white house press corps representing the liberal national media, actually turned on this administration this president and went after his spokesman as to jay carney, you are right. he did his job i also gulped a lot of water during that briefing. what is now clear and substantiated by the reporting first of weekly standards stephan haze, now by abc jonathan karl is that this administration purposefully sought to deceive the american public. through the rewrites, 12 versions of those talking
1:24 am
points. it's inarguable. it is now we have to say was the state department driving that train or the white house? i'm glad you brought it up. "the weekly standard" does deserve a lot of credit for the story and you should go to their web site and read what they have. in your opinion, because you are a commentator. >> um-huh. >> state department or white house? >> they are the same. the secretary of state reports to the president of the united states and i do believe, personally, that we're going to see a lot of effort spent to on the part of the administration, and that effort began today to throw secretary of state clinton under the bus. >> you noticed what i noticed? >> and i am absolutely convinced that's a strategy, it was not an accident. >> i saw carney do that it was subtle, subject, sunt as and he did he it. >> her last name is clinton. she will not go willingly under that bus. and the response by. >> no, but they have to stay together. i don't expect them to separate. >> i will put this first alert forecast before you.
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>> bill: uh-oh. >> that is if the pressure before the house oversight committee on the part of hillary clinton continues at this level she going to have to make a very fundamental decision. that is whether to go under the bus or to speak the absolute truth on benghazi finally at last now 8 months past the event. >> that would be some story. immigration bill say they tien the border no well for for anybody being considered for citizenship. they do what they, you know, promised to do, lou dobbs support it? >> lou dobbs has first before can i answer that question is, you tell me how many immigrants, we will just call them immigrants. >> okay. will be given status, we won't refer to citizenship. >> how are they going to know that? >> how do you know that? how could you pass a bill giving status when you don't know how many people you are giving it to? >> so you go back to my
1:26 am
original thing that everybody who is here illegally should register at the post office? that's what my original plan was. >> i will endorse your original plan. >> so they know how many we are dealing with? >> how could anyone responsibly serving the american people. >> bill: that would be a good idea. i'm glad you reminded me of my brilliant. >> that's my job. let's be honest that's why i'm here. >> before the bill is passed we give illegal immigrants, my grants whatever you want to call them. six months, three months to go to the post office. to register, you know, giving them post office box. i'm here, this or that and then we know. but a lot of them wouldn't register, you know that. they would think it was a con and wouldn't do it? >> i think it's time that we quit patronizing and con descending to illegal immigrants to anyone in this country in point of fact. i think they have responsibilities. they are clear. >> bill: that's not going to happen. what you and i are asking for isn't going to happen. >> i'm just raising the issue. how many are they going to give status? >> it's not going to happen so put that aside.
1:27 am
tighten border, no welfare, and a long process. you go or you know? yes or no? >> i have got just one little question before that. >> oh. >> and that is how much will it cost and will it be in the national interest? >> nobody knows. >> bill: you have to vote. you are in the house. you have to vote. >> all right. do you want me to vote? >> yes. >> rational effective humane treatment of those here. a cap on the number of illegal immigrants who are given status, a certain knowledge as to what that cap will be over the course of the next 10 years and have a rational analysis of the cost and impact. this should be in the national interest. >> okay. but that's not going to happen. i'm saying dobbs is voting no at this point. >> no, no, no, no. >> it's not going to happen. you know they are not going to do it i have great faith that these legislators will come forward with the plan in the national election. >> you want to bet? >> see, dobbs, there he goes. when you hit him in the pocketbook, you get the
1:28 am
truth. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. big night for gutfeld mcguirk. judge judy being appointed to the supreme court. did you know that? next, should this woman die for murdering her boyfriend or is life in prisonment a worse punishment for her? worse punishment for her? we hope you stay tuned the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone wants... ♪ 50% more doo wop ♪ 50% more buckarooooooooos ♪ 50% more yeeeaaahhhh!!!! ♪ 50% more yeah yeah [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ 50% more boogie ♪ what's in your wallet? cashhhhh!!! well, dad, i spent my childhood
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. as you may know 32-year-old jodi arias convicted of first degree murder in arizona. the jury deciding whether she will live or die as
1:32 am
arizona does have the death penalty. that decision could be made next week and joining us from atlanta. abc supreme court impose the death penalty mr. o'brien the co-author of the book "murder at the supreme court" lethal crimes and landmark cases. ms. areas says she wants to be executed mr. o'brien, why not granted her request. >> bill, not so much that i oppose capital punishment i don't care it works. in our system a defendant doesn't get to choose what the punishment is. she can no super have her sentence determined to be the death penalty than she can have herself sentenced to 10 years in a caribbean villa. she could, however, tell her attorneys don't put on any defense. let the state have its way. were that to happen, well then you could have a long drawn out affair whether she is competent to make that decision. we will see. how it plays out. but she can't make the call. >> bill: all right. but, most people i would say say fine, if you want to execute jodi arias you
1:33 am
should, brutal murder, unnecessary, snuffs out a human being's life. why give her any quarter at all? >> well, you want the system to be fair. there is a question as to whether she is competent to make that call. we have had knows cases come along death row inmates say i don't want to appeal. >> she would rather die than live. but it's a philosophical thing with the death penalty. i oppose the death penalty, i don't know whether you know that or not. but i do so because i don't think anybody has the right to take another person's life. however,. >> you think it's immoral? >> it's almost like human life is sacred, all right. and another human being doesn't have the right to take it however, i would punish jodi arias and others who murder and commit other heinous crimes to hard labor, which is worse than death. banishment. prisons public lands in
1:34 am
alaska, far away from the population centers where they couldn't see anybody and they would have to work. if they didn't work, they would be put in solitary, all right? for their lifetime. that is worse than death in my opinion. and i think must persons would say all right. because that would be a deterrent. all right. then people would see that you would have videos in every public school if you murder somebody, you commit a capital crime, trees and whatever. here is what awaits you. but, our system now gives imprisonment to heinous criminals and they sit around and watch cable tv, tim. that's not enough. >> this is very much like justice william brennan who says taking life is god's work not man's. the question is would that deter? that might be. >> it would. >> the right way to go but you know, bill, that's for a jury to decide that's why we have them. >> we don't have a system that punishes murderers enough unless they execute and therefore, it's, you know, people who would see it my way and justice
1:35 am
brennan's way are saying, look,s it not enough for this woman to sit there and give jail house interviews and do mail correspondence and watch cable. it isn't enough, tim. even you not even you but you would admit that that's not enough punishment. >> well, you have hit on a very central point in the entire debate. the death penalty does not deter. if pigs could fly bacon and eggs would be a thing of the past. death penalty doesn't deter. one of the reasons it doesn't deter bill because it's neither swift or certain. for punishment to deter it has to be both. what you are talking about could be both. it could be swift and it could be certain and also provide some closure. now you have appeals going on for 20 years. >> doesn't deter in the u.s.a. but in rome and other societies they put you on the cross and they let everybody see it. that deterred but we couldn't do that here. cruel and unusual. tim o'brien, everybody, when we come right back, gutfeld and mcguirk, chris christie mocking his
1:36 am
alliance with barack obama. some americans think judge judy has been nominated to the supreme court by the president. >> i could understand why he would make that decision and why he would go that way. >> yeah, sure. >> yeah, sure. gutfeld and mcguirk if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. in my opinion governor christie wants to the president of the united states in order to get the nomination in 2016, christie has to negate his embrace of president obama after hurricane sandy or during it. also, he has to lose some weight. this week christie announced he he had stomach stapled and lost 40 pounds. also, his people, everybody has people in politics. have released a video that mocks the governor. central theme is that christie lost a fleece that he wore during the storm. >> sir, we have a problem. >> what now? >> the fleece, sir, it's missing. >> so what? so what? what's the big deal you? are worrying too much. stop worrying. >> i don't think you fully understand the implications this is going to have on your brand. >> hey, hey, john, it's chris. hey, john, it's chris. >> hey, there is that guy
1:41 am
again. he ain't nothing without his fleece. >> i don't know. maybe there is something to this fleece. so great to talk to you prime minister. b b, listen, you have seen the fleece i know mark sanchez doesn't have it. thanks. >> hey, marco, how are you doing? things are going pretty well. i was going to ask you a question. did you see my fleece at all. >> no, governor. i don't know anything about any kind of fleece. >> hey, this is governor christie's fleece. this is the fleece that everyone has been looking for. did you steal the governor's fleece. >> i cannot tell a lie. i stole it. picket fence. >> i admire governor chris christie, too. new jersey state police. >> bill: here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. >> bill: that had be to the worst thing. >> the curse of the office, the tv show where everybody thinks they can do a skit in their own work place and
1:42 am
somehow by making fun of themselves it's actually funny i like him i think is he naturally funny when he is talking to people in town halls. he doesn't need to do this you have stvment having said that i wouldn't mind having a republican nominee with a sense of humor who is comfortable around people and not so still. >> he needs to get better writers. >> or just don't do it. >> better off othe cuff. >> mcguirk, do you this for a living you working for imus who is trying to be fun. >> very funny. >> times he is afternoon off times. aren't for 7 years. >> yes, he has. >> longest talk radio show in history. he has to be funny. >> he is sexy. so you are an expert. >> this is like an unfunny nbc sitcom which is actually redundant. this is weaker than chris christie's knees, this thing. if you listen, can you hear the sound of john candy spinning in his grave.
1:43 am
if i want to watch unfunny fat people i will watch the biggest loser or a michael moore documentary. i don't want to watch that who hard is it to find a triple fleece with grave sustains all over it. to be serious to answer your question though, listen, when he showed obama love, i was all over it and fine. getting in bed with these lefties and these nbc weasels could back fire on him because they will do to him. >> using alec baldwin. >> brian williams the msnbc people they dual to him what they did to hillary clinton in 2008. >> bill: they are not acceptable to the conservative wing of the republican party. people need to realize there was money spent on this. serious money i guess that came out of the campaign fund and he as the governor spent his time on. this is he running for reelections in new jersey. >> he is trying to humanize himself as a guy who can soak fun at him himself, right? >> he doesn't need it. >> he could have hired to you go in and do a don
1:44 am
rickles. >> i would look good standing hex to him we would look like the number 10. what's the idea with the stomach stapling do you do that at the office depot? >> bill: there have a lot of people who have genetic dispositions to be overweight so the stomach stapling is a serious situation. rex ryan the coach of the jets had it he lost a lot of weight. is he doing it because he wants to run for president. are either of you denying that? >> i think his family is a first concern, too. >> he has had a couple of close calls, he has been rushed to the hospital. i also see this as another attempt to distance himself from the right. the symbol of the republican party is the elephant and clearly he is not comfortable being that -- >> bill: now you are slipping back into imus mode. this is what we have here. >> people change though. this is the danger. we like -- we fell in love with the fat, in your face jersey blustery chris christie. roker used to funny.
1:45 am
nobody likes him. >> bill: if he loses weight there is a danger. >> that's what i'm saying is he going to change and when he goes to the white house he might suffer the same fate that al roker suffered when he went to the house. i'm worried. >> what do you mean by that by the way? no we're going to come back and we're not going to explain it we will have move more with gutfeld and mcguirk colorful use that word gently fin pinheads of the week segment. factor is coming right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the pinhead hsed of week and we begin with bernard who has chosen former new mexico governor bill richardson talking about texas senator ted
1:49 am
cruz. >> i'm not a fan. i know he is sort of the republican latest flavor. antiimmigration. almost every hispanic in the country wants to see immigration reform. no, i don't think he should be defined as a hispanic. he is a politician from texas. >> that was a misunderstanding. i said that he shouldn't be defined as a hispanic. i'm a hispanic and i don't define myself just as hispanic. that was misinterpreted. >> bill: and you say? >> he has been a go-to guy for things hispanic. chairman of the congressional hispanic caucus. the idea if you are from a certain heritage and don't follow a certain are though coxy. it is not like they are doing the salsa down the aisles of the senate. his father came from cuba as a
1:50 am
pennyless kid from cuba and bill richardson's father was a wealthy bankers and sent him to prep school. get his stomach stapled some people say and even his mouth stapled. >> you were offended by that? >> people care more about pigment and policy and should see me for what i believe in and not that i'm an adorable pixie. >> you don't believe in anything but money? >> me? why am i here? >> bill: all right. gutfeld about's pinhead of the week is mother's day. little complicated. mother's day is the pinhead of the week. >> a writer for a time magazine website claims that mother's day is sexist because it reenforces gender stereo types including mother's day cards because it thanks moms for
1:51 am
hugs. complementing motherhood ticks off feminists. just add this is sexist to any topic and you have is a story. valentine's day. >> it is just -- >> bill: it is insane. i have a factor tip of the day about mothers coming up but you she just wants attention and we he just gave it to her. playing right into the hands of insanity. here is my pinhead of the week. first i have to role this tape from jimmy kimme. >> what do you think about the decision to appoint judge judy shineman to the supreme court? >> it is controversial and he is granted that power as the president of the united states so we he just got to do the best that we can with what we have. >> i think it is a publicity stunt but i'm not sure why. he has the approval ratings he needs. >> i think it is a publicity stunt. she knows tv. that is about it.
1:52 am
>> she a gangster. judge judy is a gangster. you got to give her that. that is like a plus. >> i could understand why he would make that decision or go that way. >> bill: all of the people that believed that judge judy is going to be appointed a supreme court justice. all of them are pinheads! if you don't know what you are talking about be smart enough to know you are dumb. a rule of life. if you don't know what you are talking about, don't say anything. correct? i wouldn't have a job. >> what would i be doing? i would be quiet all day. >> bill: a moment of candor, ladies and gentlemen, with greg gutfeld. >> they all have votes. >> bill: they vote. >> they wouldn't know the difference marbury versus madison are mayweather versus pacchio. >> bill: kimmel has tapped into
1:53 am
we live in a b.s. they don't know anything but feel they can say all this garbage because that is what they do their whole life. >> these are the common denominator nitwitts out there. >> pin helds. >> i think she should be on the supreme court. she would have stopped obamacare. she has more cajones than john roberts. >> would have been rain on the leg analogy. i know that. >> in a moment, the factor tip of the day. what to do if you have a bad mom. we'll have the tip, after these
1:54 am
1:55 am
>> bill: tip of the day. what to do if you have a bad mother, in a moment. first the mail. amy henderson ormond beach,
1:56 am
florida. what can we do? nothing. can't force folks to be responsible but you can hang around with those who are. a small tid bit from my new bookkeep about pithy, avoid the morons. >> i went during your interview with sean smith's mother. we were deeply disturbed when pat smith reveald that president obama and hillary clinton told her three days after the attack it was caused bay video. truly appalling. shame on you bill. also make excuses for president bush but put blame on president obama. imnot fair. >> i'm not aware of any bush excuses. bill as a survivor of a dead napping i can tell you what i -- kidnapping while being held for a month i felt fear. i could not feet my abuser. please be gentle with the
1:57 am
cleveland story for us women who love you and have lived through this crime. excellent letter, jane. and i hope you are now living a happy life. your story is exactly why i support it happened to alexa foundation where crime victims like you can get justice. i can never know exactly what you went through but i can use my power here to get all of the criminals and abusers punished to the max. for years people from my village would go to america illegally but come back. now, they are leaving hoping to get amnesty and never come back. amen mcclain. bell, where did your fighting irish spirit go. stossel called you eg ignore rt and arrogant. >> i jumped him after the factor. didn't want to wrinkle my suit on the air. >> my wife is currently serving in afghanistan. i surprised her for mother's
1:58 am
day with a spin stops here pen, patriot shirt and no spin mug. she was filled with joy. glad we could help. the no pin pen right here and all of those are great gifts for father' father's day as we. my wife and i could not put killing lincoln and killing kennedy down. the research is incredible. if you buy them on bill o'reilly .com you get lis wiehl's book. finally the factor tip of the day. most moms will rightfully be celebrated this coming sunday, mother's day with flowers and gifts. a great tradition. but some mothers are possible lematic. addiction.
1:59 am
emotional problems all can make a mother tox existences to her children. we all know bad parents but most have not experienced one. for those who have, i have only one thought. help the offending parent if you can. stay away if you c't. but above all -- forgive them. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o'reilly .com and we would like you tosspot off abou to se factor from any where in the world. word of the day, do not be a noddy when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight.
2:00 am
i am bill o'reilly. please cause remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you! >> sean: tonight a hannity investigation into the irs targeting tea party conservatives. we have full coverage but first our top story tonight. the white house is scrambling to respond to brand new allegations that top administration officials were responsible for editing the benghazi talking points. in a moment we will show you highlights from today's intense press briefing. first an abc news investigation is revealing that the benghazi talking points that they were revised 12 separate times. it is important to note we he now have proof that major edits were made at the suggestion of political appointees. one of those officials was state department spokeswoman victoria new land when she received an early draft of the talking points she made the political judgment to

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